Our Personal Top 10 List of 2017

Our Personal Top 10 List of 2017

December 31, 2017

Before we get into our personal favorites for 2017, we wanted to give a look at our updated (because we never really thought about it) top 10 of 2016.  This list has certainly changed from what we would have said on December 31st of last year, and looks quite different to this years list.


10. Vanx x Fear of God Sk8 Hi ‘Black’

9. Nike x Acronym Presto ‘Lava’

8. Adidas x Kith Ultra Boost Mid ‘Aspen’

7. Jordan x Just Don II ‘Beach’

6. Adidas x Pharrell NMD Human Race ‘Blue’

5. Nike x Supreme Air Max 98 ‘Snakeskin’

4. Jordan I OG ‘Banned’

3. Adidas x SNS Ultra Boost ‘Tee Time’

2. Adidas x Kanye West Yeezy 350 V2 ‘Beluga’

1. Adidas x Pharrell NMD Human Race ‘Yellow’



Adidas - 5

Jordan - 2

Nike - 2

Vans -1



Adidas - 3

Jordan - 2

Nike - 5


Lets get to it!

10. Nike Flyknit Trainer ‘OG’ – This shoe may look like a basic Nike, but it is much more than that thanks to the influence of Kanye West.  The trainer originally dropped in 2012, and the demand for this pair (specifically this colorway) has skyrocketed over the past few years.   This is one of the shoes on this list that I wouldn’t have imagined owning going into 2017 and now can’t imagine not having in my collection. 

(Still available in various sizes here - https://glausangeles.com/products/nike-flyknit-trainer-og-2017?variant=36996818699)

9. Jordan x Kaws IV ‘Grey’ – 2016 started my infatuation with Kaws and it exploded in 2017.  The Snoopy Uniqlo collab was great but nothing will top the Jordan Kaws IV.  The grey suede is so buttery, the glow in the dark is vibrant and the design is subtle yet unmistakably kaws.  There are rumors that more is on the way between Jordan and Kaws and we couldn’t be more excited to see what’s next.

8. NikeLab Vapormax ‘Oreo’ – The best new model of 2017, the Vapormax.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a sucker for anything that is a black/white colorway (see the trainers above, #5, Oreo Human Races Trails, Both SNS and Original Reigning Champ Ultra Boost, etc) and after falling in love with the pure platinum pair, these were a no brainer.  For those who haven’t purchased any vapormax, I highly recommend getting a pair, as these will be everywhere (and have 20 new uppers) come 2018.

(12.5 available here - https://glausangeles.com/collections/nike/products/nikelab-air-vapormax-oreo)

7. Adidas x Pharrell NMD Human Race Trail ‘Pale Nude’ – Following in the footsteps of my #1 shoe in 2016 (the yellow OG pair), the tan is easily my favorite colorway.  As soon as Pharrell started wearing the new trails out, this one was marked in my collection.  The color blocking with the yellow, orange and blue is unique, on trend, and looks amazing in person.

(Couple sizes here - https://glausangeles.com/collections/adidas/products/adidas-x-pharrell-human-race-nmd-trail-tan?variant=2153801515019)

6. Nike x Off White Presto ‘The Ten’ – Although I adore the Air Max 90s and Vapormaxes, the Prestos are just too great to not be included on my Top 10 list.  Leading up to the release, I was unsure about the Presto but as the on feet pictures surfaced, so did the intrigue.  What sold me was the first time I saw them in person at the Wall St Private party.  The design is so intricate, the fat laces pop and there is a stitched Swoosh under the cage which is not visible in pictures.  Between the Acronym collab in 2016 and ‘the ten’ this year, I can’t imagine the presto getting any better.

(Couple sizes here - https://glausangeles.com/products/nike-co-off-white-presto-the-ten?variant=2151863189515)

5. Adidas x Kanye West Yeezy 350 V2 ‘Zebra’ – To be completely honest, had this pair not restocked in June, this would be top 3 for me minimum.  This is the perfect V2 colorway.  The multiple stripe design first seen on the Beluga has a perfect fit with a black/white look that truly mimics a Zebra.  Throw in some Red script and a red stitched heel tab, and you have a classic.  Although Adidas is trying their hardest to Kill the Yeezy line, they hit a home run with the Zebra, and I hope to see more unique colors in the future (the Semi-Frozens were a step in the right direction).

(Various sizes here - https://glausangeles.com/products/adidas-x-kanye-west-yeezy-boost-350-v2-zebra?variant=33178139723)

4. Nike x Undefeated Air Max 97 ‘Olive’ – I could write an entire blog post on the nonsense that is Complexcon, but now I will keep this strictly shoe related.  When the Original picture leaked of the Undefeated 97 collab (don’t get it twisted, both the Black & White pairs are amazing in their own rights) I knew I needed that Olive pair.  When the Black & White pair released and for the month after, there was no news on this pair other than that product image, but I remained patient.  Eventually it was revealed that the olive pair (slightly modified) would release, and it would be a Complexcon exclusive. After this news broke, my plans became clear and after tumultuous day 1, I was able to obtain my personal pair on day 2.  As shown in the company logo and branding, olive is my favorite color and I am thrilled to have this pair in my collection.  Expect these to be showcased frequently on the IG in 2018.

3. NikeCraft x Tom Sachs Mars Yard 2.0 – My feelings for this pair are similar to that of the Yellow Human Races last year.  In product images I was unsure, once I copped I was still unsure if I even wanted to keep, once they were in hand I put them on and they grew on me, 3 weeks later I was obsessed.  This pair is one of those that I could see myself owning and wearing for 20 years, it has that timeless look.  From the box & packaging to the colorblocking and materials, Tom Sachs killed these.

2. Jordan x Off White I ‘The Ten’ - 90% of peoples SOTY, but not ours.  Lets look at the reasons why - Slightly overhyped as EVERYONE either has these or is lusting after them and an already iconic color way that has been manipulated multiple times (cc: KO versions, black toes, the upcoming bred toes).  With the negatives aside, this shoe is everything we could dream for.  The design, craftsmanship, quality and comfort is unlike anything we’ve seen from Jordan in a long time.  This shoe is amazing, and the perfect combination of the greatest shoe of all time with the hottest brand and designer.  Had this been a banned color way it would have been number 1 (Chicago rank as Number 2 on our all time Jordan 1 color way list).  There are already rumblings that we are going to see this model in multiple color ways next year, which we hope doesn’t devalue the collection.

(various sizes here - https://glausangeles.com/products/nike-co-off-white-air-jordan-1-the-ten?variant=2151721009163)

1. Adidas x Kanye West Yeezy 700 Wave Runner ‘OG’ - From the minute we saw Kanye wearing these (with respect to YM and others who leak, shoes are best leaked when seen on YE) we were in love.  As the months went by, the sneaker world became split on whether these were fire or hot trash.  A surprise “release” in August (we put that in quotes as the release was a preorder and shoes didn’t ship until November, and for others this week) had people undecided if it was worth the investment.  We didn’t hesitate and bought a personal (11.5) and went down to 11 and 10.5 just in case it was TTS, V1 or Y3 sizing.  Once they came in, they were just as beautiful as they were in the leaked pictures.  On top of this, they are the most comfortable Yeezy so far (that hidden chunky boost is A1) and a head turner when they are worn.  Although there is still a divide, in the last month the hype on these has skyrocketed and stock has begun to dwindle.  If you want a pair of the OG color way I would suggest biting the bullet now, these could be a 2k shoe by the summer.

(Size 11 here - https://glausangeles.com/collections/yeezy/products/adidas-x-kanye-west-yeezy-boost-700-wave-runner-og) 

As a bonus track we included 5 questions we are intrigued by next year


5. Will the Dad Shoe trend stay relevant?  Between Yeezy (500 & 700), Balenciaga, LV, Gucci and more, its just as beloved as it is hated.  Will get full mainstream appeal or are we going to look back on 2017 and laugh that anyone wore these hideous sneakers.

4. Is Supreme going to Sell out?  After the Supreme LV collaboration and a massive cash influx from the Carlyle Group, Supreme has never been hotter.  As we saw with Jordan the last few years and Adidas in 2017 (more on this later), these companies tend to over saturate when the iron is hot (or investors come calling).  This model is the opposite of what made Supreme successful and will be interesting to watch over the next year.

3. Will Jordan bounce back? Jordan dominated forever until Adidas came through in 2015 with Boost and Kanye and now heading into 2018 Nike has the clear lead.  With Jordan, it was a combination of  things: 1. To many color ways (some iconic that had just released a few years prior, others were garbage), 2. To many releases (we see a retro in some variety almost every week of the year) 3. To many pairs per release (Jordans were the it shoe that was coveted, but that has changed as there are pairs everywhere).  To be fair, Jordan still had a decent year due to some great collabs (we’ve discussed OW and Kaws, but we also saw an extensive Gatorade release, and another PSNY & Don release).  They have also stated that they will make more things more limited in 2018, which has the arrow pointing up. 

2. Will the Air Max 98 follow in the Air Max 97s footsteps?  The Air Max 97 was the shoe of the year.  It was seen on everyone in various retro and new colorways.  2018 is the 20th Anniversary of a less popular model: the Air Max 98.  We’ve already seen leaks of Og color ways coming, but will people flock to it like the 97?  The Supreme release in 2016 initially wasn’t hyped, but now good luck finding even the “brick” black pair under $400.  We are fans of the model, and are excited to see what Nike does with it.

1. Is Boost dead? 2015 was the rise with people getting wind of the Ultra Boost and the initial Yeezy adidas releases.  2016 it was ALL adidas with the NMD being the model of the year, the Ultra Boost in various strong color ways, Pharrells + Yeezys from the celebrity sector, a multiple iconic consortium drops (sole box, SNS, Kith for some of the UBs and Nicekicks, Packers for the NMDs).  In 2017 though, the tide changed - NMDs and Ultra Boosts dropped in 1,000 colors and new versions that didn’t catch on (the R2 and 3.0 respectively).  Even consortium drops which were still impossible to get, could be had slightly over retail.  Throw in new models that initially sold well and already became oversaturated within the year (EQT 93/17 and the Iniki or whatever they are calling it now), Boost is on life support.  Human Race NMDs and Yeezys are the only thing keeping Boost in the conversation and adidas needs to be careful not to over saturate or they will be back where they started.  Now to be fair this conversation is specifically to sneaker heads and hype beast as Adidas has reached full mainstream appeal that they haven’t had in the US in decades, but there will be a trickle down effect if things don’t change.