Top 10 List of 2017

Top 10 List of 2017

December 29, 2017

This is our Top 10 list of 2017.  Not necessarily our favorites (that list is also posted), but what we feel had the biggest impact in 2017.


Here it is!

10. Air More Uptempo - This Scott Pippin signature retro’d in 2016 but reached new heights in 2017.  With popular GR releases like the flax, Night maroon, Tri-color and the Bulls hoops pack there was plenty to keep fans busy.  For the real collectors though there was the city pack, Doernbecher (the best out of the DB pack) and of course the Supreme collab.  The Supreme Uptempo pack (pictured) was a slam dunk, and widely considered to be one of the best Supreme Nike collabs ever.  With recent retros of other Pippin models such as the Air Pippin 1 and the Air Maestro, it will be interesting to see what they do with the model in 2018.


Highlights – Supreme Collab, Doernbecher, City Pack

9. Adidas Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas – The most affordable “Yeezy” (if you want to call it that).  Bravo to Adidas and Kanye for finding a forgotten silhouette from the early 90s, slapping a word on the side, and selling them for an “affordable” $120.  When these first dropped on Yeezy Supply, they sold out instantly and were going for about $1k (WTF).  A few restocks of the OG have brought the price down, but already the prices are creeping back up.  The OGs will be a $500+ shoe again by the spring time, while the Gray is a fantastic colorway that for right now is being slept on.  Putting aside all of the shade thrown above, these are a great shoe for the rotation and a great entry level into the dad shoe phase.

Highlights – OG

8. Nike Air Max 1 – When the Atmos Air Max 1 won Air Max day 2016, we already knew this year would be big for model.  This was also the 30th anniversary and we saw retros of 4 OG colorways (Blue, Red, Aqua, Obsidian), some of which we haven’t seen since 1987.  We also saw the release of a special master edition, taking elements of multiple previous classic Air Max 1s.  The cream of the crop though, was the aforementioned Atmos Air Max 1 which retrod for the first time since its initial release in 2009 and is stunning in person (and pictures, as pictured below with the OG Red and Blue).  Make sure to buy your pairs now as we don’t expect to see these again for a long time.

Highlights – Atmos, Master, OG Aqua

7. Nike Air Vapormax – Finally a truly new model.  First premiered on Air Max day, the Vapormax was a smash hit from the drop and has shown no signs of slowing down.  With various heavy hitting collabs (Clot, Off-White (pictured with the Pure Platinum and Oreo Nikelab), Commes Des Garcons), NikeLab drops, NikeID options, and now multiple different uppers (chukka, Laceless, Strap), Nike is already pimping this model out.  On top of that, there has already been leaks of an Air max 97 upper, a 2.0 and more.  This shoe could easily be top 5 next year, so keep an eye on these.

Highlights –Off-White, multicolor ID, Clot, Commes Des Garcons Black

6. Adidas x Pharrell NMD Human Race Trail– Taking the reins from the Yeezy line, the Human Race NMDs are now Adidas most hype line.  After 6 colorways in 2016, the sequel pairs came with new motifs, unique colors, a hiking sole and 2 grail level exclusives (BBC & NERD).  With 4 colorways already being teased for early next year, the Human Races seem to show no signs of slowing down, but hopefully Adidas does not over saturate their last hype model.

Highlights – BBC, NERD, Oreo

5. Jordan x Kaws IV – Disclaimer: (While various other Jordan IVs released this year, none of them are worth mentioning here and can be found at your local five below.)   This collaboration was a monumental marriage of art with sneakers and a combination of two rabid fanbases.  You had people who had previously never purchased a Jordan buying these to go with their companions, and sneakerheads who were introduced to one of the most prolific artists of our generations.  This release (like many) was handled poorly with a large event in Brooklyn, but that does not take away from how beautiful this shoe is.  Our only complaint is that on the black pair, there should have been the neon colors like any black dissected companion.  There are rumors of an expansion to this collab coming in 2018, and we are all for it (just please give us a companion in the shape of the Jumpman)

4. The Bulky Dad Shoe – This trend took over streetwear and high fashion in 2017 and is quite divisive.  Whether you love it or hate it, the trend is here to stay with various brands (cc: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Yeezy) releasing new models in 2018.  Pictured and highlighted are the 2 most popular shoes in this style: the Balenciaga Triple S Runner and the Adidas Yeezy 700 Wave Runner.  We are fans of this style and very big fans of the Yeezy 700, and hope to see more colorways in 2018.

3. Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 – What’s there left to say about the Yeezy line?  From 2015-2016 the Yeezy (specifically the 350 and V2) has been THE shoe to covet and hopefully own.  In 2017, cracks started to show thanks to Adidas releasing higher quantities than ever before, and releasing the 2 largest quantity releases within 3 weeks of each other.  With 6 different colorways dropping this year, there were 350 v2s EVERYWHERE, yet they were still difficult to get.  Kanye had said he wanted everyone who wanted a Yeezy to own one, and we are on our way towards that (but don’t worry resellers, it won’t be anytime soon).  We figured the v2 would end in 2017, but with leaks of a lime and sesame model in summer 2018, it looks like we aren’t done with them yet.

Highlights – Zebra, Semi-Frozen Yellow, Bred

2. Nike x Off-White “The Ten” – “Off-White the new Yeezy”.  We heard this echo’ d often in November and we would have to agree.  The hype that is currently on this collection is insane and Nike is going to milk this HEAVY in 2018.  The design on every shoe is amazing, they are comfortable due to the padded tongues and the lime + orange laces (on the first 5 pairs) have become iconic.  We have only seen 9 release so far (the converse got delayed) and each one is a unique model with its own highlights.  On the downside, the release of this collection was the worst we can remember in recent memory.  In September the pairs released only at pop up workshops that were naturally botted and a lavish party was thrown but no pairs could be obtained there.  When the wider release occurred in November, it was “raffles” (aka backdoors) and Nike released on SNRKS which crashed on every release.  In the time after we saw random sites restock pairs which has been a mixed bag.  We’ve already seen various models leak in new colors, so here’s to hoping that Nike makes the next wave easier to obtain.

1. Nike Air Max 97 – Coming into 2017, if you had asked us for our predictions, we would not have mentioned the Air Max 97.  As we found out, Nike had BIG plans for the 20th anniversary for the shoe designed after a Japanese bullet train which started with the OG Silver Bullet.  Next we saw the re-release of the Golds which were arguably (along with the silvers and Zebras) the shoe of the summer.  When fall hit we saw numerous monumental collabs including one with rapper Skepta, with soccer icon Cristiano Ronaldo, with Off-White in the 10 and with Undefeated on 3 different colorways.  To end the year, we saw the release of the Country Camo pack, with 6 different camo colorways dropping as regional exclusives.  This really was the year of the Air Max 97, and we are thankful for that.  Pictured are some of our favorites – all 3 undefeated pairs, Skepta, The Ten, Silver Bullet and Gold.

Highlights – Undefeated Olive (Complexcon Exclusive), Gold, The Ten, Undefeated Black